5 factors to successfully embed a Sustainability mindset in your company

What's in it for me?

Open exchange on best practices regarding Sustainability in the corporate world, with focus on;

- Collaboration - internal and external along the value chain
- Culture and awareness - how to shift the corporate and individual mindset on Sustainability
- KPIs - how to measure progress on defined actions

Interactive webinar to share experiences and jointly develop approaches to boost Sustainability activites within your organization.

  • Target group: People who would like to make an impact for Sustainability in their organizations
  •   90 minutes
  •  20-30 participants
  • Knowledge-sharing between Sustainability professionals
  • Good Sustainability practices across industries 
  • Understanding the corporate impact on Sustainability
  • Joint passion for making a difference
  • Openness to learn and share experiences
  • Motivation to take action!
  • Co-creation of ways to boost Sustainability activities within your organization
  • Hands-on tips to embed Sustainability in your Operating Model
  • Learn how to start your transformation journey


15:00 - 16:30 (CET)

  • Check-in
  • Introduction to Sustainability in the corporate world
  • Five factors to successfully embed a Sustainability mindset your company
  • Open discussion and sharing of experiences

Your learning partner: Agnes Erben

Your learning partner: Detlef Tietze

Your learning partner: Emilia Wiking

After the session we will provide you with documentation from the discussion and h&z presentation

  • Documentation from the workshop

Great to hear success stories, motivating for our own journey!

Great inspiration and new insights

The webinar format was great!