PEARL Corona Pulse Check

"What is your benefit?"

With COVID-19 VUCA has become reality. The world as we knew it has changed radically. There will be no return to the "old world" - instead, the "new normal" will be the context in which people, organizations and industries operate.

But how will organizations position themselves in the future? What are the success factors to convince in the "new normal". We as Transformation Alliance have the answer. 

With our sister firms from the Transformation Alliance we conducted an international survey on the impact of COVID-19 on connected organization.

Purpose, Ecosystem, Adaptability, Real Empowerment
, and Leadership as characteristics that will help organizations be successful – more agile, flexible and resilient to respond to future challenges and opportunities.

In addition to the presentation of our results, we will evaluate the position of the participants as a starting point for the discussion of fields of action and measures.  

  • Target Group: Management, Leaders and employees of transformation programs
  •   Time Invest: 90 Min.
  •   Max. 25 participants
  • Connected organization as future target operating model
  • The PEARL framework and its traits
  • Relevance of connected organization in terms of COVID-19
  • Awareness of your individual position for each trait
  • Purpose to create a positive impact  and purposeful advantage for the organization. 
  • Real Empowerment to bring the best out of each employee and leader 
  • Leaders as catalysts, facilitating connections and creating a diverse environment
  • Creating a culture that welcomes change and embraces a state of ongoing flux
  • Findings of our international and cross-industrial Corona Pulse Check  
  • Assessment of your individual position
  • Evaluation of the individual fields of action
  • Recommendations of measures and approaches based on the focus areas

13. July 2020 Agenda  

  • Introducing the PEARL framework
  • Discovering your own position
  • Discussion of the results and starting points for your organization

Your expert: Carina Hähnel

Your expert: Dr. Christiane Nieß

After the live Session you'll receive the following documents:

  • Results of the Corona Pulse Check
  • Individual PEARL assessment